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Glow In The Dark

by Destroy Nate Allen

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My Parents Managed Apartments (2008) * Chords: G C D They want to put alligators in our apartments Big snakes to play with the kids in the backyard Basketball players to beat us up and just when you think that you've had enough They break our legs and then run away, pack their bags and then ask to stay And just when you think that it can't get worse They chop down the trees and you kick them out They fight and they scream, and their voices seem like samurai swords cutting through paper walls They shoot their guns down through the floor, once not enough so they shoot some more They throw their cigarettes in the flowers, three days later it starts a fire They track us down when we go to church and it feels like they rule our universe They like to get naked when they're alone and stand in the doorway when you get home They scream and convulse in the parking lot and then they take up two parking spots They all like to call us on Christmas Day, the one day we want them to stay away They wake us up at 3 AM, because somebody kicked their front door in But you can't kick them out when they're selling drugs Cause they say they know karate and their daddy owns the place
Loving You Means Everything From Me (2008) Chords: A G She likes the songs that I don't like (x3) and I love her, yes I love her When we were first friends, we had these arguments about who was more punk rock But things are different now and we've learned to get along and how to let things go Truth is we're different and it's not unusual to have to sit and talk for a while Some of it's circumstance like I'm from the East Coast, and I'm from the West Coast But truly we were made differently So in conclusion, well I guess we’re growing up and changing priorities Because loving you means everything from me So we’ll sing songs that we both like (x3) Because loving you means everything from me (x3)
Turns Our You're Perfect For Me (2009) Chords: E B A Turns out you’re perfect for me In all the silly ways I thought you’d never be Turns out you’re perfect for me I wanted a guy covered in tattoos But I learned some of them have mommy issues Turns out you’re perfect for me Turns out you’re perfect for me Cause you scratch my back when it’s itchy You’re gentle and kind when I’m bitchy Turns out you’re perfect for me Told him that I like Old Spice But he didn’t wanna take my old fashioned advice That’s before I learned what it could do Now I recommend it to you See I didn’t think it was punk rock to sing with a girl who had dreadlocks But what did I know…. now she steals the show! Turns out you’re perfect for me
Recipe 01:57
Recipe (2009) Chords: D A G When you are trying to cook Sometimes you use a recipe book But there's danger in the air if there’s ingredients to spare Your common sense has been overtook There’s a science to cooking that less of us know If you’re not experienced then stick to the show Leavening is tricky, so is substitution My recommendation is let’s make a resolution Follow the recipe the first time that you do it After you do that you can add things to it Follow the recipe the first time that you do it After some practice, there’s nothing to it When you are trying to cook Sometimes you use a recipe book If you don’t have what you need Be sure to stop and read You’ll find a helpful chart if you look Bananas and flax meal will substitute eggs Accurate measurements the recipe begs Timing is important, when mixing a solution My recommendation is let’s make a resolution
Jesus Keep Us Safe From The Cops (2008) I swear we didn’t do anything So why are you tailing like we stole everything Well I was sleeping in a parking lot They said “They’ll kill you on this very spot” Then a few hours later his friends came around Said, “Listen here boy. You best get out of our town!” Jesus, Keep Us Safe From The Cops
White Flag 02:54
White Flag (2007) Chords: A D E If it’s true that this would happen before even time began Then I guess I’ll just surrender because I’m doing all I can Yes in vain I’ve risen early just to stumble home too late Ignoring all the factors that determine my fate And I’m gonna raise the white flag I’m gonna raise the black flag too I’m gonna raise the white flag And sing this song for you You see these words they are not weapons But these streets brew honesty We’re all soldiers a journey We’re all pilgrims you and me So may all fear be forgotten as the memories fade away May the whole world join us in this song as we dance on yesterday
Glow In The Dark (2009) Chords: E B A We spent most of that night not quite kissing Truth is we were on a swing set in the park Then the dew crept up and ruined our conversation But somewhere in your words there was a spark Hold my hand we’ll glow in the dark together Hold my hand like you’ve never held another Hold my hand we’ll glow in the dark together Hold my hand and you’ll never love another A few months later we watched End of the Century And I put my arm on the back of your chair You had nutritional yeast on your popcorn And I thought you might have figured out I cared A few years later you started the Grandma’s House And you said I could not move in Because somewhere deep inside of both our hearts We knew we could not just be friends
Broken Wings 02:33
Broken Wings (2008) Chords: D G A Here we are on our broken wings Praying fire from the sky on the evil things Oh why oh why do the angels have to fly away? Come my Warrior, come my King Fly over all fight everything Oh why oh why do the good guys have to cry today? The day is over it's getting late Have I decided my own fate? Or is there other stories, is there other books Are there other chapters where we start all over again?
Asshole 04:01
Asshole (2009) Chords: G D C I woke up this morning on a Sunday One of my two split days off this week Started feeling tired around 6 PM And I can’t find a kind word to speak And I hate, Oh I hate feeling like an asshole Oh I hate, Oh I hate feeling so unnerved Oh I hate feeling like the things I hate And I wish I could take back my words See I can’t even tell you that I love you But I wanna love before I die One more year in holy isolation Maybe I’ll finally get to try See truly I’ve never laughed at danger But I talk a pretty good game And when we’re all walking honest Darling we all look the same Woke up this morning on a Sunday One year later sleeping next to you Wishing I could say that I’d tamed my tongue But some days that would not be true
Last Call 02:00
Last Call (2007) G D C This is the message that is preached we can be free If we confess our sins and choose to believe If we say we’ve not sinned we make him a liar And if his word does not live in us we’ll die in the fire And this is the last call This is the last song that you’ll hear This is the last time that I give away my fears And this is the message I have feared since I was born That one day I’d die in hell innocence scorned And Jesus if you exist could you please help me out And for once in my life remove all of this doubt
We Made It 01:20
We Made It (2012) E A B I wrestled with the demons I wrestled with the saints I wrestled with the son of man and he taught me restraint I wrestled with my mother and she kicked me in the teeth But I guess I had it coming when I tickled both her feet I wrestle with the demons I wrestle with the saints I wrestle with the son of man and he taught me restraint I wrestle with the shadow of who I'm meant to be But these fears won't get me down and I will have the victory Let's go! We can do it! We made it!
Steady (2010) Chords: E F# B A 18 hour drive, I hope I see my friends alive Scrabble, Frisbee anyone, together we can have some fun Hacky sack dance moves, now you see how I got groove Small town rock show, everybody that you know Back to school to start again, library is my new best friend It's been a long week, sitting on the couch falling asleep Ready, Steady, Ready, Steady, Go!


About GITD:

Glow In The Dark, in some ways, represents the best of what our band, Destroy Nate Allen, has been. We have performed most of the songs on Side A hundreds of times; these are the requests – “White Flag”, “Jesus, Keep Us Safe From The Cops,” “My Parents Managed Apartments” – and some of our favorite songs: “Loving You Means Everything” and “Recipe.”

For the last several years we have been exhausting our artistic life force, traveling the country and singing our hearts out as a duo. But before that, Destroy Nate Allen was a bare bones, confessional solo project. This is reflected on Side B, which features some of my least favorite songs to play live such as: “Asshole” and “Last Call.” These songs represent the hard times, the struggles, my fears. Nevertheless, the album ends as it should, with laughter and loud crowd participation.

We are super excited to finally have this retrospective collection see the light of day. Most of these recordings are far out of print and or have never been officially released. It is hard to say what the future holds, but we are so thankful for your love and support that has allowed our extroverted folk punk theater to exist. - Nate Allen


My Parents Managed Apartments
Loving You Means Everything
Turns Our You're Perfect For Me
Jesus, Keep Us Safe From The Cops
White Flag


Glow In The Dark
Broken Wings
Last Call
We Made It
Ready Steady Go (Live In Minneapolis)

1 – Recorded by Samuel Thomas, Mixed by David Conway. Originally released as part of a No Sleep Records Christmas Comp.

2, 3, 4, 6, 10 – Recorded by Tripper Christie in Richmond, VA, Mastered by Gus Elg @ Sky Onion in Portland.

5, 9 – Recorded by Rickey Rodgers in Portland. The Singers, Shouters and Stompers on track 5 are Tyler Hentschel, Melissa McDowell, Matt Brown, Jared Torkelson, Sean McCarthy, Dennis Childers, Rickey Rodgers and Nate Allen. Rickey played the keys on 9.

7 – Recorded by Nate Allen, Mixed by David Lindell, Mastered by Gus @ Sky Onion.

8 – Recorded by Jared Torkelson @ Metropolis in Portland.

11 – Recorded by Josh Lory at Dumb Angel in Eureka, CA and by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden. Stomps, Claps and Noises provided by Josh Lory, Adam Davis, Aaron Carnes, Anthony Cotham, Tessa and Nate.

12 – Recorded by Cynthia Carter. Audio prepared and secured by Jory Randall. The show was booked by Griffin Frederickson and took place at New Pines.

Nate played guitar and banjo, Tessa played tambourine. Both sing.

All songs written by Tessa and/or Nate Allen.

Art and Design by Phillipfa www.phillipfa.com

instagram: @destroynateallen


released November 7, 2013

Supported with the following shows:

9/26 – Ames, Iowa – Maximum Ames
9/28 - Minneapolis, MN – House Show
10/11 – Kansas City, MO – I Am Nate Allen @ Blarney Stone w/ PJ Bond, Arliss Nancy, The Donner Diaries (Nate Solo)
11/10 – Grandview, Missouri - Cafe Main - 801 Main Street w/ Refrigerator Door, To Capture The Air, Timothy Wenger, Phil Burnham, Devon Beyer, Joe Read
12/07 - Kansas City, Missouri – Housewarming / Christmas Party - Kid’s show & Regular show
12/22 – Indianapolis, Indiana – Christmas Party.
12/27 Youngstown, Ohio. House of Abe


Jan. 4th Harrod, Ohio. ALLEN EAST COMMUNITY CENTER 9520 Harrod Rd 45850
w/ FBS, Mayfly, The Black Order, Life Within, Two Dragons, Approaching Insanity, Our Final Prayer
Feb. 14th Lawrence, Kansas
The Granada Theater 1020 Massachusetts St.
w/ Five Iron Frenzy, House of Heroes
March 7th Kansas City, MO
The Art Closet 3951 Broadway
w/ The Terror Pigeon Dance Squad, Koo Koo Kangaroo, Michael Parallax, Rich AuCoin
Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots Shows
March 29th @ Solace Music Venue – Joplin, MO 7 PM $5 all-ages.
March 30th @ OBEC – Springfield, MO 7 PM $5 all-ages
March 31st @ Vandals in Kansas City, MO 8 pm $5. 21+
Nate Allen w/Kevin Schlereth & Sam Schwegler in Independence, MO @ Birchwood Coffee House
April 18th – Nate Allen Solo w/Self-Proclaimed Narcissist @ Vandals, KC, MO
April 30th – Destroy Nate Allen w/Ghost Mice, Jib Jab Jones and the Indigo Circus, Nate Cartwright @ Art Closet Studios, KC, MO


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Destroy Nate Allen Kansas City, Missouri

We play Interactive, sing-a-long, folk punk.

“The King & Queen of Audience Interaction” - I Heart Local Music

“Quirky and off-beat and crazy fun.” – Huffington Post

“One of those you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it bands that only comes along once in a great while.” – Jersey Beat
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